Soo... that was a blast!

We had a fantastic time on the 2nd of July hosting the first-ever event and we are so happy with everyone’s contribution to our pyaro bagaicha. To make this better and bigger, we want your feedback on the event and in general. Please take 2-3 minutes to answer these questions ☺️

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Vision Board Workshop

by Aarju Chhetri

To Register for the class, please provide us with your details below.

What you get:
✨All the craft items for vision board making
✨unlimited prints
✨ light snacks and beverages (BYO available) What to bring:
✨Pre selected pictures to print for your board( selecting it during class is acceptable)
✨ Your laptop/Ipad or any devices to browse inspo pictures
✨Plus ones or more 😉
✨ Positive energy and confidence!

Bagaicha, The Market

To Register for the event, please provide us with your details below.