Bagaicha, The Market

A Garden for Nepalese Business Owners to bloom

Bagaicha is a Sydney based market creating platform for local small businesses and artisans focusing on Nepalese community to sell their products and services
directly to consumers. Our goal is to provide an interactive space in the community where
buyers and sellers can connect, support each other and have access to these creative brands
and entrepreneurs in Sydney.

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Sunday, 21st July

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Sunday, 17th December

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Stalls Booked In the past

Nailskup by Sneha

Nailskup pressons are for people who like their nails get done frequently or occasionally on the comfort of their space. Nailskup nails are made off of 100% gel products. They are hand painted and fully customisable.

Pramikha by Prajita

Welcome to Pramikha. Discover stunning hair, flawless makeup, and expert beauty advice. Unleash your inner confidence and embrace your unique style with our premium services. Join our vibrant community and indulge in the transformative power of beauty. Let's unlock your true radiance together!

Prints by Bigisan

We're here to make your moments last a lifetime with our personalized service and attention to detail. Share your true self, strike a pose, or bring any photo of your choice. Watch as we transform them into physical memories that you can hold close to your heart.
We believe every experience has a fragrance. When we come across these certain fragrances, it brings back those bitter sweet memories. Here we have beautiful hand poured candles with fragrances from my experiences in life with a hope to warmup your heart and home. Added bonus, our candles crackle with joy everytime you burn it. Each one of our candles are made with love just for you.

Pundarika by Diki

Pundarika was born with risk but now it's aiming high. Let Punadrika make you feel beautiful in authentic, indo-west and traditional kurti, lehenga and sari. Pundarika's aim is to let your* fashion speak volume with ethereal elegance of traditional wear. Can be custom made as well.

S&K Candle Co

We are a small candle business which offers the best smelling candles in a nontoxic way. Our candles are handmade candles created in a small batch using sustainable and non toxic materials such as 100% natural soy wax, FSC certified wood wicks and toxin free essential oils. Every $1 per order goes to the charity called Bridge the Gap Nepal which helps our children at Nepal to go to school.


Illustrated art by Jeanine from J9DSIGN, providing vibrantly designed prints that will add colour and joy to your space, surroundings and life. Choose from limited edition art prints, postcards, stickers and bookmarks.


Jewellery is just not an accessory, it is an expression, symbol of love, a boost of confidence, and an opportunity to shine. We work with expert jewellers who use high quality enduring materials 18k and 14k gold plated. It is truly an honour to be trusted by our beloved customer.

Pixel Valley Web Design Studio

At Pixel Valley, we work with you to grow your business online with amazing websites that reflect your brand and speaks to your target customers. We also provide hosting & maintenance service so you can stay assured.

Butta Emporium

Butta Emporium is a small family run business with its origin in Nepal. We carry a range of beautifully embroidered products that have been handpicked carefully. All of our products are vegan, easily washable and have a quirky personality of the main character. ;)

Yashrii. Products

Yashrii Products is a small art business based in Australia. It has a wide variety of art products to offer including greeting cards, bookmarks, polaroids, and artworks that are mostly inspired by nature. All products are originally designed and hand painted by Suyasha Khatry, who also solely runs the art business. Yashri Products is also open to commission artworks on request.

Art Cetera

Artcetera is unique blend of paintings and crafts by upcycling products that are easily available like thrifted pieces. Elevating and giving personal touch to your decor, we hope our small effort will help you have a different perspective.

Radhe Radhe By Kavita

We are a Sydney based small business working on providing nepali roti to Nepali community who miss their cultural nepali roti because of no time for cooking or don't know how to cook.

about us

Bagaicha, The Market

Bagaicha is a community-focused small business market that focuses on offering
entrepreneurs and artisans a platform to reach customers directly. By maintaining a vibrant
and diverse market atmosphere, focusing on community engagement, and implementing
sustainable practices, Bagaicha aims to become a beloved local institution and a model for
small business markets.

If you are a small business owner, come bloom with us! If you’re interested in Nepalese culture and want to immerse yourself in one, come visit us. Check out our upcoming event!

support local business

Help Nepalese Business Bloom

Join our quirky community, where we’re growing together like a wild garden! Be a proud vendor or simply support our small businesses and awesome entrepreneurs, and watch us bloom in our beautiful Bagaicha. 🌼🌿

for entrepreneurs

Register your Interest for Next Event

If you missed out on our last event, you can register your interest for the next event. We will notify you as we start taking bookings for the next event. If you are an entrepreneurs or small business owner and want to bloom your business in our Bagaicha, let us know now!

Vision Board Workshop

by Aarju Chhetri

To Register for the class, please provide us with your details below.

What you get:
✨All the craft items for vision board making
✨unlimited prints
✨ light snacks and beverages (BYO available) What to bring:
✨Pre selected pictures to print for your board( selecting it during class is acceptable)
✨ Your laptop/Ipad or any devices to browse inspo pictures
✨Plus ones or more 😉
✨ Positive energy and confidence!

Bagaicha, The Market

To Register for the event, please provide us with your details below.